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Morris Davis speaking at a real estate event

Rutgers Center for Real Estate

About the Center

It began with a big idea: give an epicenter of real estate activity a Center worthy of it. How is Rutgers Business School doing it?

We tapped the talent, disruptive energy and drive of a region with billions in real estate transactions every year. Not only do 20% of the U.S. population live within a four-hour drive of our state, more innovators and influencers practice in the New Jersey-New York metropolitan area than nearly anywhere else.

We created a hub where both learners and earners engage in the conversations that matter. Urbanism. Globalism. Sustainable land use. The intersection of real estate and virtually every business sector.

We designed powerful spokes for that hub -- Educating, Researching, and the Exchanging of Ideas -- that lay the foundation for great careers and pioneer the future of the field.

Who is the Center for? Students with independent minds and huge dreams. Educators with deep expertise and passion. Real estate professionals who know the profound value of developing people. Leaders who've seen the real world change far more in 5 years than real estate education has. Until now.

We welcome all of you at the Center.

About Us

Our Mission

Providing the foundation for educating, researching, and exchanging in real estate.

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through a creative and innovative Real Estate curriculum.

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that leads in the discussion of the macroeconomy and its impact on real estate.

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ideas and perspective of students, faculty, and industry leaders.

Maria Burgos
The Center for Real Estate prepares students for success.
Maria Burgos
Rutgers Alumna

I am a Rutgers alumna. I studied finance with a concentration in real estate. Throughout my time at Rutgers, I was searching for a career that would make me happy and challenge me at the same time. Real Estate was exactly what I was looking for.

Real Estate Blog

Insights on real estate and the macroeconomy, urban revival, industrial logistics and more.

Making Rutgers Real Estate #1

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The Center for Real Estate at Rutgers Business School stands out among other real estate programs throughout the nation.

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You at the Center

A dynamic hub for students, academics and professional trailblazers alike, Rutgers Center for Real Estate has no less a goal than shaping the future of the field.